The Academy was written by Quinn Anderson. This is a contemporary m/m romance novel. I don’t read a lot of contemporary m/m, but I was intrigued by the premise.

Nick has come to a small suburban Catholic university in search of a fresh start, and he hopes that “The Academy” can offer just that. He plans to focus on his studies so that he can keep the generous scholarship that the school has offered him. His plans do not include attracting attention by being “out” at what he perceives to be a conservative milieu.

Sebastian, however, has other plans. He is drawn to Nick from the moment that he first sees him on campus. Sebastian devises a wager with Theo and Dante, his two best friends: whoever kisses the new kid first will win a cheesy trophy they’ve had since high school.

Nick and Sebastian do not have the most auspicious introduction, and Sebastian finds that he needs to prove to Nick that he is neither a spoiled rich kid nor a shameless player. Likewise, Nick needs to learn that he is not the only one with problems.

This book was cute. It’s definitely a slow burn, as Nick and Sebastian dance around whether or not they are going to get together. But when they finally get together, boy, wow! Sparks fly! I also liked the cute subplot with best friends Theo and Dante trying to sort out whether their feelings for each other transcend friendship.

I would recommend The Academy to fans of m/m romance. The characters did come off as emotionally immature at times, but it’s not entirely unrealistic for their age. Their inability to communicate correlated to their age and their personal issues, so it came off as very organic. After all, the book wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable if they just spoke frankly with each other! This book had the perfect blend of humor and angst. I would definitely seek out more of Anderson’s books in the future!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.


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