61qnduqcdvlAll three of my girls love Star Wars, but one of my 6.5-year-old twins really likes Star Wars. She has several Star Wars books, and when I saw I Am A Pilot at our town library, I brought it home for her.

I Am A Pilot is one of three Little Golden Books in a semi-connected series. The other two titles in the series are: I Am A Droid, and I Am A Jedi.

I Am A Pilot introduces children to various pilots in the Star Wars universe, and discusses their attributes:

“Some pilots are young. Some pilots have been flying for ages. Some pilots are clones. And some pilots are droids.”

There isn’t really anything resembling a plot, but that didn’t seem to bother my daughter. She enjoyed looking at the pictures. The illustrations are rendered in a fun cartoony style. Little Golden Books has done this with all of their recent Star Wars books. My daughter loved seeing all of her favorites, including Poe Dameron and BB-8 from The Force Awakens.

I would recommend I Am A Pilot, but with the caveat that this is more of an informational book than a storybook, and that it is geared toward children in preschool and the early years of elementary school. My daughter loved seeing all the different starships as well.



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