The Force Oversleeps (Star Wars: Jedi Academy) by Jarrett J. Krosoczka


I purchased The Force Oversleeps for the girls because they have enjoyed the previous books in this series. This is the fifth book in Jarrett J. Krosoczka’s Jedi Academy series.

This book is about a boy named Victor who is starting his second year at Jedi Academy. He’s hoping to get the lead role in the school play, but it doesn’t work out. That’s not even the worst thing though- everyone thinks that Victor’s big sister is going to the dark side! Read more

I Am A Pilot by Christopher Nicholas

61qnduqcdvlAll three of my girls love Star Wars, but one of my 6.5-year-old twins really likes Star Wars. She has several Star Wars books, and when I saw I Am A Pilot at our town library, I brought it home for her.

I Am A Pilot is one of three Little Golden Books in a semi-connected series. The other two titles in the series are: I Am A Droid, and I Am A Jedi. Read more

I Am A Droid by Christopher Nicholas


My girls are fans of Star Wars. One of my six-year-old twins is a Star Wars superfan. I purchased the collection of six Star Wars Little Golden books on Amazon, so when I found I Am A Droid at my town library, I knew my daughter would enjoy it.

I Am A Droid is a book about the droids in the Star Wars universe. The language used is simple “Some droids are small. Some droids are big. Some droids walk… some droids roll.” The book goes into slightly more detail in explaining things like the difference between an astromech droid and a protocol droid. There’s not really much of a plot; it’s an explanatory book that reads like nonfiction. Read more