51exkwmm5plI found Frozen: Across the Sea at my town library, and I grabbed it because my girls are fans of Frozen. This is a level 2 “Step Into Reading” book.

Across the Sea is a brand new adventure featuring Anna and Elsa. The two sisters are going on a trip. They visit two different lands, and finally, they visit the Duke of Weselton. The land of Weselton is in the middle of a heat wave, so Elsa uses her powers to make it snow. Everyone is happy to be cooled off; the duke is allegedly happy too, but he still looks as grumpy as ever! The story ends with Anna and Elsa heading back home after a lovely trip.

The illustrations have been done by the Disney Art team, and so Anna and Elsa appear just as they did in the movie. One of the really fun things about this book is that Anna and Elsa travel to exotic lands. The first kingdom they visit has a queen who looks vaguely like Jasmine, and the second kingdom has a queen who looks vaguely like Mulan. Weselton and Arendelle are interchangeable, so it was a lot of fun to see familiar Anna and Elsa in new kingdoms that didn’t look exactly like their own. It was also fun to see Anna and Elsa trying new foods and meeting new animals.

The Duke of Weselton offers a nice lesson in reading body language and facial expressions; his arms are crossed and he is frowning- even when he is holding a pitcher of lemonade!

This is a Level 2 Step Into Reading book. One of my twins is reading right at grade level. She was reading at level “G” at the end of the year, and that’s right where they want children to be halfway through the school year. This daughter also does Kumon reading, and she is on level “AII” (A2). My daughter read this book last night, and when she brought it back to me, she said it was “really really easy” to read. I’m inclined to agree; the sentences are shorter and the vocabulary is simpler than what I have seen in her schoolwork and Kumon.

That being said, this is an excellent choice for beginning readers. The text is large, and the sentences simpler. They use many of the kindergarten sight words.   This is a wonderful book, and I wish there was a level 3-4 version of this story that went into more detail about Anna and Elsa’s trip abroad!

I would absolutely recommend Across the Sea to beginning readers who are interested in Frozen. Based on our experience, I would say that first grade students who are reading at grade level are going to finish this book quickly, and it is not going to sustain their interest.





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