51m5vgzfhslLast week, one of my first grade twins came home with two books. Her sweet classmate had noticed that she liked foxes, so he brought two books about foxes from his house for her to borrow.

Fox and Crow Are Not Friends is a level 3 “Step into Reading” book written by Melissa Wiley and illustrated by Sebastien Braun.

This story begins with Aesop’s fable about the fox and the crow, wherein a fox tricks a crow into giving up the cheese in her mouth by praising her beautiful singing. The vain crow cannot resist, but when she opens her mouth to sing, she loses her cheese. That is where the fable ends, but our story continues. The crow is annoyed about losing her cheese, so she seeks revenge. The fox is not happy about this development and insists, “No one outfoxes a fox!” There is something that the fox and the crow have not considered: who does all the cheese they keep taking belong to, and how will they react when they find out who has been taking the cheese?

The illustrations are a lot of fun, and add to the silly story. We really liked the warm colors of the blue sky as well as the light orange used on some pages. Braun prefers a cartoonish style, and this works well for the book. The animals show a wide range of facial expressions that correspond with their outrage or triumph, depending on who is being tricked.

This book is broken down into three chapters, but it can still be read in one sitting. My daughter who brought this book home is an advanced reader, so she had no difficulty reading this book. Her twin sister is reading at grade level (midway through first grade), and this book seemed to be exactly at her level.

I would absolutely recommend Fox and Crow Are Not Friends. This is a wonderful book for children to practice their reading skills and increase their reading stamina. The story is infused with some clever humor that made my girls laugh, and I chuckled too! This is a silly story about trickery, and while I don’t want to give away the ending, I’ll hint that trickery does not pay in the long run!


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