One of my twins is absolutely enchanted with foxes. This all began when she received a stuffed fox for her birthday- a plush toy, not a taxidermy fox. This spawned a deep love for all things fox. Her new obsession with foxes was well-timed because most major children’s clothing stores had fox themed clothing this fall/winter. My girl wears fox clothing, reads fox books, and sleeps with several different stuffed foxes.

So, needless to say, when she saw the Sewing Bee My Fabulous Fox Sewing Kit at her school’s Scholastic Book Fair, she squealed with joy. I was happy to buy it for her, and that weekend, we worked together to assemble her fabulous fox purse.

The kit comes with pre-cut pieces with pre-made holes, a length of orange thread, buttons, and a safety needle. The only things that you need that the kit doesn’t come with are a measuring tape and scissors.

The instructions are easy to follow. The safety needle has an extra large eye, and it is not difficult to push the needle through the holes. My daughter is almost six, and she did need a bit of extra help with the sewing, but an older child would be able to do this craft with very little assistance.

The finished fox is 6 inches by 4.5 inches. It is more of a pouch than a purse, but it is very charming. The stitches are visible, and this gives the fox a very whimsical appearance. My daughter was especially fond of the heart shaped button that makes the fox’s nose.

I would absolutely recommend The Fabulous Fox Sewing Kit to any child who enjoys doing crafts. My daughter had a lot of fun putting together her new purse. The pieces are well made and sturdy. The instruction booklet also comes with fox templates and some additional crafts, like a bookmark and a pencil topper. I paid $12.99 at the Scholastic Book Fair, and this is a fair price for the craft kit.

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