Hold My Hand by Michael Barakiva



I came across Hold My Hand by Michael Barakiva when I was browsing Netgalley, and the blurb piqued my interest. My request was accepted, and so I added the book to my reading queue.

Alek is an Armenian-American high school student. He has been dating Ethan for almost six months. Things are getting pretty serious, but Alek has reservations. He loves kissing Ethan, but he’s not sure if he’s ready for things to go further physically. Alek measures his life in terms of Before Ethan and After Ethan; he’s changed so much for the better because of this relationship, and he can’t imagine what would happen if it ended. Read more

Sewing Bee My Fabulous Fox Sewing Kit

One of my twins is absolutely enchanted with foxes. This all began when she received a stuffed fox for her birthday- a plush toy, not a taxidermy fox. This spawned a deep love for all things fox. Her new obsession with foxes was well-timed because most major children’s clothing stores had fox themed clothing this fall/winter. My girl wears fox clothing, reads fox books, and sleeps with several different stuffed foxes.

So, needless to say, when she saw the Sewing Bee My Fabulous Fox Sewing Kit at her school’s Scholastic Book Fair, she squealed with joy. I was happy to buy it for her, and that weekend, we worked together to assemble her fabulous fox purse. Read more