My thirteen year old daughter asked me to request this book because she enjoyed the first book in the series so much. Here is her review:

For Better or For Cursed is the sequel to The Babysitters Coven, so if you haven’t read that book, you need to do so before reading this one.

This book takes place a couple months after the events of the first book. It follows teen girls Esme and Cassandra as they hold an event for the whole sitter organization in their little town. But as it turns out, there’s something wrong with Cassandra, and Esme needs to figure out how to fix Cassandra before it becomes irreversible.

I thought the book was good, the author did a good job of expanding the story universe, and giving characters from the first book a more important role by giving them the knowledge of the sitters. I can’t say anything more about that without giving away spoilers. I also like how the author gave hints towards an event that happened at the end of the book, but didn’t totally give the event away. The author also did a good job of setting up the next book. I also like how the author gives an ETA for the next book, so that the readers can know when to look out for it. I hope this review persuaded you to get the book and if it did, I hope you like it as much as I did.

We received an ARC of this book from Random House Children/NetGalley.

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