I Really Love You is the latest book in Tatsuya Miyanishi’s Tyrannosaurus series. Over the years, my family has received the opportunity to read advanced copies of several of these Tyrannosaurus books, so even though my girls are growing out of picture books, it was still nice to revisit the series.

In this book, we are told that dinosaurs in the north speak a different language from dinosaurs in the south. Tyrannosaurus is feeling hungry, and a Tapejara agrees to help him find food. They both speak the same language, so Tyrannosaurus trusts his new friend- but it’s a trick! Luckily, the Tyrannosaurus escapes, and he encounters some Homalocephales. They don’t speak the same language, and the Tyrannosaurus thinks about eating them- after all, he’s still very hungry. But he ends up befriending them, and accepts their gifts of fish, clam, and berries. Despite their differences, they are able to strike up a meaningful friendship.   

The illustrations are somewhat quirky. They’re rendered in a style that is best described as “child-like”, and they’re cartoony rather than realistic. They go well with the bright backgrounds.

The message contained within the story is sweet: find friends based on how they treat you, not how much you have in common. There are a couple of moments when the Tyrannosaurus thinks about eating his new friends, but chooses not to because they have been nice to him.

I would recommend I Really Love You. One of my twins said that she thought this book would be good for kids who were younger than fourth grade, although she did like deciphering the dinosaur’s “foreign” language. It’s rather obvious to say that this book would appeal to children who like dinosaurs, but I do want to point out that this book uses slightly more esoteric dinosaurs. This is a fun book, and a lovely entry in the series.


I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.


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