Something Human is a m/m historical fiction romance written by A.J. Demas. I heard quite a bit of chatter about this book; I don’t have any prior experience with ancient world historical romance of any kind, but my interest was sufficiently piqued. I picked this up on Kindle Unlimited and dove right in.

Adares and Rus come from completely different worlds. Adares is an aristocrat in a highly advanced society, and Rus comes from a nomadic tribe. They meet during a battle; Rus saves Adares’ life, even though they are supposed to be enemies. This proves to be fortuitous because Adares is able to save Rus’ life. They are both injured, and have no choice but to recuperate together in an abandoned temple. Their conversations are awkward at first, but they quickly discover common ground. And then a tentative friendship grows into something more.

But Adares must eventually return to his city, and Rus must return to his tribe. It seems as though there’s no possibility of a future together because despite everything, they are simply too different.

This was an amazing book. I could write an entire review simply based on the world building. Demas created two unique civilizations, and I am in awe of how the richly layered they are. I could have easily spent twice as long immersed in the world.

The plot does not move along at the snappy pace as some of the other books in the genre, but it works so well here; this is not a long book, but it is not a “quick read”. There is a great deal of introspection, and the conversations that Adares and Rus share are far from superficial. The transition from strangers to friends to lovers is spectacular.

I would recommend Something Human to fans of m/m historical romance. I don’t usually venture any earlier than the Georgian era, but I’m so glad that I ventured outside of my comfort zone. I’m pleased to have discovered Demas, and I’m looking forward to reading more of her books in the future.

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