King Consort is a contemporary m/m romance novel written by J.R. Gray. I found this book on Kindle Unlimited, and it piqued my interest because I love all things royal family.

Louis is the heir to the British throne, and he maintains a carefully crafted playboy persona in order to hide his sexuality. While on a goodwill trip to North America, Louis meets Xavier, who he later finds out is a paparazzo. But what seems like a disaster turns into an odd sort of partnership. There’s clearly a connection, but there are so many reasons for why something lasting between them can never work. They’re determined to enjoy their present, with no expectations of a future together.

This was a sweet book. Despite the high stakes and moderate amount of angst, this book is fairly light in tone. Louis and Xavier come from completely different worlds, but somehow, they manage to find common ground. This is mostly on a physical level, but there is an emotional connection as well.

I would recommend King Consort. This is a good pick for Kindle Unlimited. I’m happy to have discovered a new author, and I’m looking forward to more from Gray in the future.



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