Kidnapped by the Pirate was written by Keira Andrews. I found this m/m historical romance novel on Kindle Unlimited.

Nathaniel Bainbridge is sailing from England to the Caribbean, where will reunite with his father, the governor of a small island, and marry the woman his father has chosen for him. Nathaniel is not particularly excited about this, but things take a turn for the worse when their ship is intercepted by a band of pirates who harbor (pardon the pun) a personal grudge against Governor Bainbridge. They kidnap Nathaniel with the intention of holding him for ransom as revenge against the man who wronged him.

The captain, a man named Hawk, insists upon keeping Nathaniel locked in the captain’s quarters to protect him from the crew. At first, Hawk has nothing but contempt for Nathaniel, who he sees as pampered and useless. Likewise, Nathaniel is afraid of Hawk. But slowly, something begins to develop between the two men- despite their age difference, despite their different upbringings, despite everything against them. This is all fine and pleasant, but can they sustain what they have cultivated, especially since the crew expects Hawk to kill Nathaniel if Bainbridge refuses to pay the ransom?

This was a good book. Andrews subverts some stereotypical perceptions of the two by having the rough pirate captain love books and the privileged boy struggle with reading. Nathaniel has always felt like an outsider, and he finds acceptance for the first time with Hawk. Likewise, Hawk has spent years burying his feelings; the pirates aren’t moralistic about sexual preferences, but Hawk has never allowed himself become emotionally involved with anyone. Their relationship frightens them both, and it seems as though there is no hope for a future together, but is it too much for them to hope for nothing more than that?

I would recommend Kidnapped by the Pirate. While there is a fair amount of angst, the overall tone is lighter than it could have been, given the circumstances. I don’t read a lot of 18th century historical romance, and I don’t read a lot of pirate books, but I enjoyed this book. I’m pleased to have discovered Andrews, and I’m looking forward to more of her books in the future.



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