Salt Magic, Skin Magic was written by Lee Welch. This is a Victorian-era m/m romance novel with elements of fantasy and magic. I found out about this book in one of my Facebook groups, and it sounded like the perfect book for me.

Lord Thornby had a pleasant life in London, but after being summoned home by his father to their remote estate, he finds that no matter what he does, he is unable to leave. He is physically trapped on the estate with no hope and no one to help him.

John Blake is a trained magician who arrives at the estate as a favor to a friend. Thornby’s young stepmother believes that she is the victim of dark magic and that Thornby is the one cursing her. Blake is prepared to eliminate the threat, but he realizes that while the house most certainly is cursed, Thornby is as much of a victim as his stepmother.

At first, the two men have no reason to trust each other, and they need to learn that they can only find the source of this malevolent energy if they work together. And as their bond deepens, there is also a mutual attraction that becomes impossible to deny. Confronting the source of the evil in the home means delving into the past, and disturbing secrets that were supposed to remain hidden forever.

This was an amazing book. Thornby and Blake couldn’t be more different; Thornby is brooding while Blake is pragmatic, but they work so well together. Their chemistry is electric. The plot moves along at a good pace, while maintaining a moody and gothic atmosphere. Secrets are everywhere, and no one can be trusted. I wasn’t expecting to go in the direction that it did, but it was absolutely perfect and a wonderful surprise.

I would absolutely recommend Salt Magic, Skin Magic. This book is perfect for fans of m/m historical, especially those who enjoy books by authors like KJ Charles and Jordan L. Hawk. This will definitely go in my (virtual) pile of favorites, and I am looking forward to more books by Welch in the future.

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