A Gentleman’s Position is the third book in KJ Charles’ Society of Gentlemen Regency-era series. I have been reading a lot of m/m historical romance lately, and having exhausted all of my Cat Sebastian books, I have moved on to KJ Charles. I placed a hold for a digital copy of all three of the books in this series, and I ended up receiving this one first.

It’s a little odd coming into a book at the end of the series, but I was able to pick up on the relationships fairly easily. This book concerns Lord Richard Vane and his valet, David Cyprian. They are both enmeshed in some sort of forbidden lust situation where neither one of them wants to violate the relationship between gentleman and valet.

David is an excellent valet. He keeps everything in order for Lord Richard, and he also solves problems that are beyond the purview of a typical valet; that is, he is not above bribery and manipulation to achieve his goals. David senses the tension that he shares with Richard, but he won’t be the one to make the first move.

Richard’s older brother is a marquess, and he has been hearing quite a bit about how it is his turn to settle down and marry. But of course, marriage isn’t really something that Richard is interested in. He’s desperately in love with his valet, but he feels that the difference in station is too great, and that anything between them would be an abuse of power.

But eventually they give in to temptation, and wow just wow, do they work well together. And of course, there’s high drama, and David is the only one who can step in and solve a problem that threatens to destroy Richard and all of his friends.

This difference in class is nothing new, but Charles’ treatment is what makes the book so interesting. Richard wants to act on his feelings, but he feels that because David is his employee, he wouldn’t be in a position to decline advances; he would feel obligated to comply. Even when David assures Richard that he is most amenable to advances, Richard simply can’t reconcile this with his principles.

I would absolutely recommend A Gentleman’s Position. I would suggest reading the other books in the Society of Gentlemen series before this one. I am going to end up reading the series in reverse order. This hasn’t affected my appreciation for the series; if anything, I am probably going to go back and re-read the series in order after I finish. KJ Charles is an excellent writer, and I love how her Regency world expands beyond the aristocracy, and the convergence of class, politics, and love is what makes this series such a unique treasure.

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