I received a copy of this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

My girls and I have been enjoying the Tyrannosaurus books. This is a series of picture book written and illustrated by Tatsuya Miyanishi. The books are very popular in Japan, and are now being published here in the United States. They have been releasing a new Tyrannosaurus book every six months or so.

I Want That Love is the third Tyrannosaurus book that they have published. In this story, a mean Tyrannosaurus goes about terrorizing people simply because no one can stop him. He receives his comeuppance when he is an old dinosaur, and is attacked by a masiakasaurus. After that, the Tyrannosaurus is still not ready to mend his wicked ways, but then he is helped by a group of baby triceratops. Only then, does he truly learn that kindness is more important than strength and power.

The illustrations are bright and colorful, and have been rendered in a rather simple style. There is also very little in the background, which allows the reader to focus on the characters. I have to add that I really love that this book features lesser-known dinosaurs like masiakasaurus and giganotosaurus. I’ll concede that true dinosaur fans probably know about these dinosaurs, but for the casual dino-loving kid, it’s great to move beyond dinosaur standards like triceratops and tyrannosaurus.

This is a beautiful story, but I want to warn parents that it might be too poignant for sensitive children. One of my children has a tender heart, and this story made her cry. Going into more detail would reveal major plot spoilers, so just trust me on this: it might be too much for sensitive children.

I would recommend I Want That Love. I think my girls prefer the other Tyrannosaurus books, but this is still a lovely entry in the series, with a strong message about kindness. The presentation is slightly less uplifting, but from an adult perspective, I can see that the Tyrannosaurus realized what was important in life, and that sometimes sacrifices must be made for the ones we love. This really is such a beautiful book.

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