I received a copy of this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I have a nine-year-old daughter, so I am always excited about reading middle grade books. We often read the books I receive together. She loves reading, and her feedback is invaluable.

If The Magic Fits was written by Susan Maupin Schmid. This is the story of Darling Dimple. I just have to say that this is such a delightful name for a character; it fits Darling so well. Darling is a young girl who works in the kitchen of a castle. She isn’t doing anything glamorous like baking- she’s a scrubber. But that changes when Darling gets the chance to become a presser, working with Princess Mariposa’s linens.

Life as an “upper servant” isn’t as glamorous as Darling imagines; the work is hard, it’s easy to make mistakes, and she must also contend with some mean girls in her dormitory. But all that seems minor compared to the secret that Darling discovers: a closet full of magic dresses that transform the wearer into another person. And it’s lucky that Darling stumbles upon the magic when she does- something is rotten in the castle, and Princess Mariposa is going to need to be protected from a sinister plot!

This is a delightful book. Darling is utterly charming. She always tries to do her best, and is proud of her hard work. She is not always sure of herself, and it was nice to see her confidence increase over the course of the narrative. My daughter liked this book; she appreciated that Darling always tried to be a good friend, even though it wasn’t always such an easy thing for Darling to do.

I would recommend If The Magic Fits. This appears to be the first entry in a new series called 100 Dresses. This book ends nicely enough, so there aren’t any huge cliffhangers, but there is definitely enough open-endedness to pique my curiosity about the direction the rest of the series.

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