41u7xy0kizlI received a copy of this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Beware That Girl is a YA psychological thriller by Teresa Toten. Kate O’Brian is a girl with a past. When we first Kate, she’s living in a hovel, but preparing to start her senior year at Waverly, a Manhattan girl’s school. Kate is confident, and Kate has aspirations for greatness. Part of Kate’s plan involves befriending Olivia Sumner, a former “it girl” who is now only a fragile shell of what she used to be.

It seems clear that Kate plans to use Olivia to further her own agenda, but that’s not quite what’s happening at all. As Kate becomes comfortable moving in Olivia’s circle, there is a dangerous new staff member whose obsession with the girls might ruin everything Kate has worked so hard to achieve.

The story alternates between Kate and Olivia’s points of view, and it was an interesting choice to have Kate’s story told from a first person viewpoint, and Olivia’s in third person. The most obvious choice is that Toten wants to remind us that Kate is someone who makes things happen, and Olivia is someone that things happen to.

The villain of the piece is something else. Mark Redkin is Christian Grey, except that instead of being the protagonist of a romance novel (we’re using that classification so loosely), he is the antagonist of a thriller. Mark’s mannerisms and predilections were over the top, as was the eventual confrontation with him.

I did enjoy reading Beware That Girl, although I think it doesn’t really transcend beyond the target audience and fans of the genre. I would recommend this for older YA readers and fans of the genre. I’m looking forward to reading more from Teresa Toten.

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