I found A Frozen Heart in the new arrivals section in the children’s room at my town library. I picked it up for my oldest daughter because I thought that she would like it. This is a middle grade novel written by Elizabeth Rudnick.

There are already several novelizations of the Frozen movie, so I was a little surprised to see this book. What sets A Frozen Heart apart from the others is that half the chapters are narrated by Anna and the other half are narrated by Hans.

The story begins several years before the events in Frozen, which gives the reader the opportunity to learn more about Hans’ backstory. We know that he is the youngest of thirteen sons, that he comes from the Southern Isles, and that he is conniving and manipulative. But what made him that way? Hans is so desperate to win his father’s favor that he is willing to do the jobs his brothers won’t do. As Hans sees his brothers’ wives having children, he sees his already precarious position slipping even further. He realizes that attending the coronation in Arendelle is probably his only opportunity to increase his power and influence.

The majority of the story follows the same plot as the movie, and there are many details that are expanded upon. We are also treated to Hans and Anna’s inner monologues. I’m sure that the majority of readers are fans of the movie, so there aren’t really any major surprises.

I would recommend A Frozen Heart. This is a well-written book with a sophisticated vocabulary, and the juxtaposition between Anna’s point of view and Hans’ is an interesting concept. Knowing that Hans had sneaky plans before he even left home adds a new element to the plot of the movie. I think that this is a wonderful book for middle grade fans of Frozen.



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