51ujlwtyjhlOne of my twins loves foxes. She is a rather lucky girl- foxes seem to be a popular animal, and so there are many different children’s clothing stores that have released fox items. We also have fox books, fox stuffed animals, and much more.

There is a dear sweet boy in her first grade class. This boy was also in her kindergarten class. He noticed that my daughter liked foxes, and he asked his mother if he could bring some of his fox books to school for her to borrow. She was very excited when she came home, and we have been reading these two fox books.

One of the books is Hickory Dickory: The Fox Race written by AJ Smith and Walter Tyler. I am not familiar with the Hickory Dickory series, and I’m so pleased to have discovered it. The premise of this book is simple: a fox likes to race, and he is faster than any other animal. He embarks on a trip around the world, and beats a variety of animals in their natural habitat. Will he be satisfied once he has raced (and beaten) animals on all seven continents?

This is a delightful story. What it lacks in dialogue and characterization, it makes up for with the wonderful wordplay: “Some cheetahs were cheaters, but one giraffe was a friend. He hooked the bad ones and held them to the end!” I also liked the way that the names of the continents and the types of animals that live on each continent are woven into the plot. Not only do we have a fun story about a race, but we are also learning geography!

The illustrations are bright and colorful. My daughter especially enjoyed the section at the end of the book with guided instruction for drawing the fox. She has now drawn her own fox- the first of many, I’m sure!

I would absolutely recommend Hickory Dickory: The Fox Race. This story is simple enough for toddlers to enjoy, but children in the early years of elementary school will enjoy it as well. With delightful rhymes and a silly fox, learning about geography has never been so fun!

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