I received a copy of Thinner in 30 from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I received my book on November 25th, and have spent the last month reading it and implementing the steps.

I have seen Jenna Wolfe on The Today Show, and I love her enthusiasm, and her sense of humor.   This book arrived at the perfect time; with three children and a busy schedule, it isn’t always easy to find time for exercising. I used to push the stroller around the neighborhood with my oldest daughter, but when my twins arrived two years later, pushing a double stroller with two babies and a toddler seemed too daunting. Well, the “babies” are now in first grade, the big girl is in third grade, and I no longer have any excuses. This book was just what I needed.  

The book is subtitled “Small Changes That Add Up To Big Weight Loss In Just 30 Days”, and that is just what it does. Thinner in 30 is meant to be read over the course of a month; each day, there is a new tip to incorporate into your routine. These tips are all relatively small: 19 sips of water first thing in the morning, take 10,000 steps a day, write down everything you eat, etc. Eventually, exercising is incorporated into the routine, but the changes are gradual.

So, I suppose I should answer the biggest question: over the course of the month, I lost almost 6 pounds. More importantly, I have gained my motivation back after seeing what I can accomplish. I have not really worked out since high school sports, and even then, I was lazy. But this is something that anyone can do: each exercise is presented with a modifier for people who have difficulty, and a more advanced form for experienced athletes.  The workouts are based upon circuit training.  They are vigorous,  but they leave me energized and proud of what I have accomplished.

One thing that I really appreciated is that there are not very many food restrictions. I have appreciation and respect for the science behind removing certain foods from my diet, but it can be difficult to stick with an extensive list of “don’ts” for the long term. It’s much easier to avoid simple carbs after 6:00, and avoid added sugars.

I would absolutely recommend Thinner in 30. I’m pleased with my results after only a month, and I’ve gained the motivation to continue on my journey to a better me. Wolfe’s sense of humor is a big part of what made this book so fun to read. I especially loved her anecdotes about conversations she has had with her parents about incorporating these healthy choices into their routines. And of course, I will remember not to eat pudding for lunch!


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