I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

My girls and I read a lot of books, but I was not familiar with Jasper John Dooley before I read Lost and Found. Jasper John was so delightful that I immediately checked two of his other adventures out from the library. Jasper John Dooley is a series written by Caroline Adderson.

Jasper John Dooley is an adorable little boy whose manages to turn everyday occasions into fun adventures. In Lost and Found, he discovers a Marcel Mouse figurine in a box of old toys at his grandmother’s house. Marcel Mouse was Jasper’s father’s favorite television show, and Jasper knows that Marcel Mouse is very special. He wears Marcel on a string around his neck, but it is not very easy to keep track of the little mouse! Jasper and his friend Ori also find a “game that bleeps” in the lost and found box at school, and they take turns borrowing it. Jasper learns some important lessons over the course of the book, and relies on help from his friends and family.

Lost and Found was a charming little book. It’s perfect for children who are transitioning from picture books to chapter books. The chapters are relatively short, and the book uses rather simple language to tell the story. The book is enhanced by illustrations by Mike Shiell. These help hold the attention of reluctant readers like my oldest daughter. Her fluency is advanced, but she prefers books with pictures.

One of the things that I really love about this series is that it will appeal to boys. I have three girls, and I’ve realized that there are many series like this marketed to girls, but there are not nearly as many that have a male protagonist. Many of the series that do have a male protagonist feature naughty little boys. It’s so refreshing to have a realistic little boy; Jasper is not always perfect, but he tries his best to do the right thing.

I would absolutely recommend Jasper John Dooley: Lost and Found. This is a story that appeals to young readers because Jasper is a character they can relate to because his experiences of going to school and playing with friends are relatively universal.

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