I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Eden’s Wish is a middle grade novel written by M. Tara Crowl. As the story begins, we are introduced to Eden, a young genie. Eden has just been summoned to grant three wishes to the hapless man who found her lamp. Eden’s mischievous streak comes out immediately when she takes the wisher’s request a little too literally.

Eden feels a little antagonistic about being a genie because she knows her tenure will last until she has granted wishes to a thousand people. Eden wants nothing more than to live on Earth amongst people, and when she sees an opportunity to do so, she seizes it- against the wishes of her handlers.

Eden makes some friends and is beginning to enjoy her time living as a typical teenager, but she also finds herself in the middle of an ideological battle between genie alumnae. At the end of a genie’s tenure, she has the opportunity to go out into the world. The ex-genies are divided into two camps: one group is grateful for the opportunity and is fiercely loyal to the coordinators of the genie program. The other group feels resentful and considers being a genie to be oppressive and a form of slavery. The two groups are both trying to gain control of Eden- and more importantly- her lamp.

Eden’s Wish was an interesting book. The story was fast paced and full of action. I especially enjoyed how the plot was infused with humor. From the very beginning when Eden fills a man’s home with hot fries (French fries) to her attempts at pretending to be a Swedish exchange student, this was a very funny book.

I would recommend Eden’s Wish. Eden is a likeable character, and she is easy to relate to. She struggles with many of the same issues as her human counterparts; she is searching for her place in life, and wants to fit in with the other kids her age. This book will appeal to middle grade readers, who will appreciate the humor and might not even notice the lessons about appreciation, friendship, and gratitude.

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