My name is Maureen, and I just got out of a 14 year relationship.

I started writing for in May 2000.  I was in college, and I stumbled upon a review writing site that would pay pennies per hit.  I started writing, and my goal was definitely focused on quantity rather than quality.  My early efforts were pretty abysmal, but I kept writing.  I found my first niche in the Books category, and then later, I found a second niche in Kids and Family after my children were born.  I wasn’t making a full time salary, but I enjoyed sharing my thoughts, and then being compensated for it.  I also enjoyed the company of the many people who also frequented the site.

Earlier this week, Epinions made a sudden announcement: the site was shutting down, effective immediately.  This came as a terrible shock, and I feel like I lost my job and that I got broken up with- all in the same day.  14 years is an insanely long time.  My reviews trace a path through the beginning years of adulthood.  It’s fascinating… or perhaps horrifying.

I’ve spent a few days moping, and now it’s time to pick myself up, and dust myself off.  I don’t have to stop sharing my thoughts on the things that interest me; I just have to find a new platform.

So, here we are.  My name is Maureen, and I have three children: a six year old and twin four year olds.  They are all girls.  No, we won’t be trying for a boy.  Knowing our luck, we’d be blessed with twin girls.  Again.  They are a handful, but I love them so much, and they have made my life complete.

I will be using this space to share the things that interest me.  We read a lot of books, and we play with a lot of games and toys.  After the girls go to bed, I love watching shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

So, stick around- there’s bound to be some exciting times ahead.


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