The Scot Beds His Wife by Kerrigan Byrne


The Scot Beds His Wife is a historical romance novel written by Kerrigan Byrne. It is the fifth book in the Victorian Rebels series. I thoroughly enjoyed her last book- The Duke– and I was very excited about reading this newest addition to the series.

Samantha Masters made some bad choices in the Wild West. Very bad choices. So when a chance encounter leads to an opportunity to travel to Scotland posing as an heiress to an estate, Samantha jumps at the chance to leave town and hightail it to the Highlands.

Gavin St. James, the Earl of Thorne, happens to live on the neighboring estate, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get that land for himself. Usually, it is not very difficult for him to get what he wants from women, but his well-practiced seduction techniques are useless against this brash American. Read more


If the Duke Demands by Anna Harrington


I received a copy of this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

If the Duke Demands is a historical romance novel written by Anna Harrington. It is the first novel in the Capturing the Carlisles trilogy. I have not read any of Harrington’s other books, but Regency stories are my favorite genre, and I am always excited to discover new authors.

Miranda Hodgkins has a plan to capture the attention of Robert Carlisle: she’ll sneak into his room after a masquerade ball and show him exactly what she thinks of him. The plan goes awry when she sneaks into Sebastian Carlisle’s room instead. Sebastian is Robert’s older brother, and the Duke of Trent. Fortunately for both of them, the encounter is limited to little more than a kiss before identities are revealed, but not brief enough to leave a lasting impression. Read more

Starting Over

My name is Maureen, and I just got out of a 14 year relationship.

I started writing for in May 2000.  I was in college, and I stumbled upon a review writing site that would pay pennies per hit.  I started writing, and my goal was definitely focused on quantity rather than quality.  My early efforts were pretty abysmal, but I kept writing.  I found my first niche in the Books category, and then later, I found a second niche in Kids and Family after my children were born.  I wasn’t making a full time salary, but I enjoyed sharing my thoughts, and then being compensated for it.  I also enjoyed the company of the many people who also frequented the site.

Earlier this week, Epinions made a sudden announcement: the site was shutting down, effective immediately.  This came as a terrible shock, and I feel like I lost my job and that I got broken up with- all in the same day.  14 years is an insanely long time.  My reviews trace a path through the beginning years of adulthood.  It’s fascinating… or perhaps horrifying.

I’ve spent a few days moping, and now it’s time to pick myself up, and dust myself off.  I don’t have to stop sharing my thoughts on the things that interest me; I just have to find a new platform.

So, here we are.  My name is Maureen, and I have three children: a six year old and twin four year olds.  They are all girls.  No, we won’t be trying for a boy.  Knowing our luck, we’d be blessed with twin girls.  Again.  They are a handful, but I love them so much, and they have made my life complete.

I will be using this space to share the things that interest me.  We read a lot of books, and we play with a lot of games and toys.  After the girls go to bed, I love watching shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

So, stick around- there’s bound to be some exciting times ahead.