My name is Maureen, and I live in Massachusetts.  I’m on the western end of the MetroWest, or perhaps the eastern end of Central Massachusetts.  I’ve been married for almost 12 years, and I have three beautiful girls.  I love reading, writing reviews, puzzles, board games, cooking, and more.  I’ll be sharing some of the things that I like here, so visit often!

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  1. Hello Maureen – I’ve just read your review of ‘Serafina and the Black Cloak’ on and was wondering if you would consider reviewing my novel, ‘The City of Light’, which I think is in a similar vein. It’s a fantasy novel for middle grade / young adult readers, with a 13 year old heroine, Lizzie Jones. The book is set between the wintry English countryside and the sacred Indian city of Kashi, following Lizzie’s discovery of a portal to the city, hidden within her great uncle’s ‘garden of rooms’. Lizzie soon finds that a serial killer, the Pisaca of Kashi, is preying on street children in the city – and fears that the killer is using the portal as a means of evading capture. ‘The City of Light’ has had a fair number of reviews on Goodreads and the Amazon UK site, as well as in The Guardian Children’s Books section, but it’s only had one so far on I would of course send you a free copy if you are interested. Thank you for your time! Kind regards, Steve Griffin

  2. Hi Maureen,

    I, too, read your review of Serafina and the Black Cloak. If you’re open to taking on another middle grade adventure fantasy, I’d love to send you a digital copy of Sign of the Green Dragon.
    Here’s a quick synopsis.

    Three plucky sleuths. A crumbling skeleton. A quest.

    Sam’s finally fitting into his new home. He’s the one kid with enough talent to hit the winning home run and bring the baseball trophy back to Haggarty Elementary. But Sam’s uncle is shipping him off to boarding school. When
    his two teammates hear the bad news, they plot to hide him until the big game. Their secret cave is a perfect place until an earthquake shatters a wall and reveals a wooden chest with a red-eyed dragon carved into its top. Inside, a bony hand clutches a map with a cryptic note, promising treasure.

    With his teammates, Sam sets off to track down the clues and find that treasure. But nothing goes as they hope. 

    Dragon is also free on Kindle Unlimited if you prefer to access it that way. Hope you have time in your busy schedule for another book. You can contact me through my blog. I look forward to hearing from you. Lee

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