How excited am I to get another round of Ainsley and Joachim? SO EXCITED!

This book takes our duo to Sweden, where Joachim has a temporary post and Ainsley is researching a ghost moose. Jealousy arises when Joachim learns that Ainsley will be traveling with a strapping blonde professor with similar inclinations to their own, but the green-eyed monster becomes a secondary priority when it’s revealed that the aforementioned handsome gentleman may have murdered his last lover.

Confession: at first, I was somewhat sad that Ainsley and Joachim spend so much time apart in this book. But then I realized the advantages to this dynamic: they spent most of the first book together, and they’ve spent two years between books together as well. Separating allows the reader to gain a better appreciation for their interactions with other people and forces them to rely on themselves rather than insulating themselves against the outside world. Quite frankly, it also made the moments when they were together even more delightful because absence makes the heart grow fonder… or something like that.

So, because our two protagonists spend so much time apart, they need the support of a strong cast of secondary characters: a mix of familiar faces from the first book as well as several new ones, who might also not be what they appear to be on the surface.

This book was hilarious and had me smiling and laughing throughout. Ainsley is my favorite, mostly because he’s a complete gremlin, but even the serious Joachim managed to get himself into some amusing scrapes.

And yes, there are ghosts. They pop in to offer their opinion and help out as needed, and they are an intriguing addition to the cast. They are not the only paranormal phenomenon, but I can’t say anything more or I’ll give too much away.

I would absolutely recommend Where There’s a Kilt, There’s a Way. I would suggest starting with the beginning of the series before reading this book. Stainton is one of my favorite authors of queer romance and I love the amazingly creative world she has built for her duo. I especially love that Ainsley has ADHD; being neurodivergent myself, I’m always happy when I see neurodivergent representation in romance always makes me happy. I’m already looking forward to Ainsley and Joachim’s next adventure.    

I received an ARC of this book from Carina Press/Netgalley.

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