When Jaq and Matt meet at work, it’s not very cute, but there’s no time for drama because if they don’t collaborate, they aren’t going to get everything together before the big product launch—with only three months away, the deadline is looming. But even though they don’t seem to have anything in common, there’s an ever-present undercurrent of desire.   

Jaq was a single teenage father, who raised his daughter with the help of his mother. At the beginning of the book, he drops her off at Howard University, a huge accomplishment considering that he never had the opportunity to go to college himself. Now that his baby girl is settled, he plans to finally focus on his own career, as well as relax for the first time in 18 years—Jaq hasn’t had time for relationships because he always prioritized his daughter.

Matt, on the other hand, was married for 20+ years until his wife cheated on him with a much-younger man. He’s devoted himself to his career as a consultant and hasn’t prioritized relationships either.

When they finally get together, wow, the chemistry is amazing. There’s a bit of an age difference, which makes things interesting, and Matt is a bit (ha!) bossy, which also makes things interesting. They’re both trying to act like this is something casual, but it’s meaningful for both of them, even if they don’t want to admit it.

Jaq and Matt are supported by a great cast of secondary characters. It’s hard to pick a favorite among the group, but if I had to, it would be Jaq’s mom Gran, who stole every scene she appeared. She had me howling at some of the things she said.

I would absolutely recommend Learned Behaviors. This is a sweet romance, with more of an emphasis on family life than one might expect from a “workplace romance”. This book was great, and I’m already excited for the next book in the series, featuring two of Jaq’s friends.   

I received an ARC of this book from Carina Press/NetGalley.

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