I’ve had The Tutor on my list for a long time, and I finally listened to the Audible edition a couple of months ago. Once again, I am woefully behind with my non-ARC reviews, so I only now getting around to writing down my thoughts.

Graham has scammed his way into a tutoring job at a manor house, and he can tell that something is “off” from the moment he arrives. His two pupils, twin boys, run wild, and one of them doesn’t speak anymore.

Graham certainly has his work cut out for himself, and then there’s the issue of the enigmatic Sir Richard, the boy’s father, who is haunted by the past and reluctant to let anyone get close to him, especially not another man.

And what would a good gothic romance be without a ghost?

This book was moody and atmospheric, and the sense of dread built slowly as the story progressed. There were plenty of secrets; in addition to the secrets regarding the family’s descent into gloom, there’s Graham’s own secret, of course: he has lied to gain this position. He’s out of his depth, but determined to help the family find peace.

The narrative unfolds from Graham’s single perspective, which helps maintain the mystery about Richard. The reader doesn’t know what he is thinking, just as Graham doesn’t know. This places the reader on the same level, there’s no omniscience on our part; we’re left wondering about Richard’s motivations until the moment that Graham discovers them.

I would recommend The Tutor. I listened to the Audible edition, narrated by Ruairi Carter—although his name is spelled “Ruri” for this book. Carter does a wonderful job with adding an appropriate level of suspense to Dee’s story, as well as capturing Graham’s natural slyness. This was the first of Dee’s books that I’ve read, but I’m looking forward to reading more in the future.

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