I want to begin by saying that Jeremiah and Collin have one of the best meet-cutes. Jeremiah, who works as a paramedic, sees Collin struggling to get his two drunk friends back to their apartment. Not only does Jeremiah help, but he carefully puts Collin’s friend’s heels on top of a shoebox.

That’s when I knew that Jeremiah was a sweetheart, even if he and Collin didn’t immediately fall in love after that one scene. All I needed to know was that even though Jeremiah was exhausted, he still took the time to help people he didn’t even know. That’s the kind of person Jeremiah is.  

Collin and Jeremiah are both dealing with work related issues, and that’s partially what draws them together, aside from some scorching chemistry. Jeremiah’s company is restructuring, and he’s questioning whether he wants to be a paramedic; it seems like a good opportunity to take his career in a new direction, and Collin agrees to help Jeremiah update his resume. Likewise, Collin isn’t quite sure what he’s doing with his own career.

One of the biggest conflicts for Jeremiah is that he isn’t out to his family. He’s not sure they’ll accept him, especially after a comment his brother makes at a family dinner. There’s also some additional backstory that keeps him from telling them. This isn’t something that actively troubles him, but it’s something on his mind. That said, some of my favorite scenes took place at Jeremiah’s mother’s house. He went over there several times for Sunday dinner, and I loved the banter between the siblings, as well as hearing about all the food they had. I loved the gentle act of fixing plates for people and how Jeremiah took care of his auntie.

This book was an exquisite slow burn. Nothing came of that first encounter, but Jeremiah and Collin kept running into each other, but they both had too much going on to start anything, even something casual. Jeremiah and Collin had a great rapport.  Neither of them pressured the other to take their relationship to a physical level, but when they did, their chemistry was amazing.

I would absolutely recommend Jeremiah. As far as pairings go, Jeremiah had a better sense of humor, and I enjoyed his witty commentary during his POV scenes. Collin was more serious, and slightly angsty at times, and he was a good foil for Jeremiah. I am already looking forward to reading the next book in this series!

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange for an honest review.







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