A Case of Possession is the second book in KJ Charles’ A Charm of Magpies series of Victorian-era m/m paranormal romance novels. Charles has become one of my favorite authors, and I’m pretty sure I started this book almost immediately after reading the first book in the series.

The story picks up almost immediately after the events of The Magpie Lord. Having dealt with the threat on Crane’s life, Stephen and Crane return to London. But, as they say, there is no rest for the wicked. Stephen returns to work as a magical police officer, and Crane…. Crane drifts around a little aimlessly. He’s still not happy with the title he’s inherited, and he wants nothing more than to return to China. But now there’s Stephen to consider.

There isn’t much time for consideration because someone is unleashing a plague of rats upon innocent people. Any city is full of rats, but it’s clear that these are no ordinary rats; they’re being controlled by someone seeking vengeance- but clues are scarce, and once again, Stephen and Crane find themselves facing an unknown threat.

A Case of Possession takes the dynamic established in the first book and expands that knowledge. But what will the reluctant lord and magical officer do with their newfound relationship when taken out of their vacuum and placed in stiflingly proper London?

I would recommend A Case of Possession. Readers need to start with The Magpie Lord so that they can fully appreciate the story arc. There’s a nice balance of sorting out the relationship and dealing with the rat mystery. Overall, the tone of the book is fairly light, and the banter is top-notch. Crane’s valet/henchman Merrick steals every scene he appears in, and I would absolutely read a spinoff featuring just Merrick.

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