Necropolis is the fourth book in Jordan L. Hawk’s Whyborne & Griffin series. I know I say this in every W&G review, but it’s hard to describe the series. There’s action and adventure, magic and mystery, and m/m romance. All of this is set against a Victorian American background.

This book takes Whyborne and Griffin to Egypt to help their friend Christine, who they believe is in grave danger (pardon the pun). As they assist her at the excavation site, it’s clear that there’s something otherworldly afoot. Once again, Whyborne and Griffin must intercede, lest the threat wreak havoc upon humanity.

First of all, this book is different from the others because our dynamic duo is placed in a different location. Yes, they traveled to the American South for Threshold, but this is their first trip abroad. Whyborne, ever the worrier, has never been abroad and does not like the idea of leaving his familiar environs. There are some humorous moments as Whyborne comes to terms with traveling.

Whyborne and Griffin’s relationship strengthens over the course of this book, due in part to the events of the third book and also due to their precarious situation. Their interactions are simply delightfully, and a big part of what makes this series so appealing.

I would absolutely recommend Necropolis. Readers should start with Widdershins, the first book in the series. It’s important to read the series in order to better understand the story arc. I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next to Whyborne and Griffin. I own all of the books, but I have been rationing them out like precious treats. Hawk has quickly become one of my favorite writers, and I’m looking forward to my next reading adventure.

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