Been Here All Along is a young adult novel by Sandy Hall. I put this book on my “To Read” list, and then I was lucky enough to find it at my town library without having to request it through the library network.

Gideon and Kyle have been best friends and neighbors since they were five years old. They don’t share all of the same interests- Kyle plays basketball and Gideon focuses on academics- but they still love talking about things like Lord of the Rings.

Gideon realizes that his feelings for Kyle go beyond friendship. This also marks the first time that he considered his sexuality, and he doesn’t know what to do with this revelation. Kyle has already come out as bisexual, but Gideon doesn’t want to ruin his friendship with Kyle. Also, Kyle is currently dating Ruby, a cheerleader.

Meanwhile, Kyle is having some trouble in English class, and he’s not as happy with Ruby as he was when they first started dating. Plus, he doesn’t understand why Gideon has been acting strange lately.

The story unfolds from the perspectives of Gideon and Kyle, and also from Ruby as well. Each of these three characters has a different perspective, and each is dealing with a unique set of issues. There’s a nice balance between the drama/angst and sweet moments.

I would absolutely recommend Been Here All Along. High school is tough, and everyone experiences some sort of adversity as teens struggle to fit in and find their niche. I couldn’t help but root for Gideon and Kyle. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading experience. I haven’t read any of Hall’s other books, but I’m looking forward to reading more in the future.


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