Unfit to Print is a Victorian-era m/m historical romance novella by KJ Charles. I’ve read most (but not all) of Charles’ other books, so I was looking forward to reading this one.

Vikram is a lawyer who works tirelessly on behalf of those who have very few civil rights in England, helping them obtain wages and benefits that are rightfully theirs. When a family approaches them about their missing son, Vikram feels compelled to help. His quest takes him to a bookstore owned by Gil Lawless.

Vikram and Gil were once friends at boarding school, but Gil left abruptly one day, Vikram attempted to track him down over the years, but his efforts were fruitless.

So now these two friends- who were once very close at school, if you catch my drift, have been reunited, and Gil reluctantly agrees to help Vikram wade into the murky waters of Victorian pornography as they try to find this missing young man.

I liked this book quite a bit. I loved both of the protagonists. This is clearly a case of opposites attract. Vikram is stuffy/proper and Gil has spent the past thirteen years surviving by his wits and not relying on anyone other than himself. They are both pleased with the reunion, but neither knows what to expect after such a long time spent apart. I liked that neither of the protagonists was from the aristocracy, and also that Vikram was Indian and Gil was biracial. England has always been culturally diverse, so it is a pleasant change from the usual to see characters that reflect that.

I would absolutely recommend Unfit to Print, although I wish that it had been a full-length novel because I wanted more of everything. I wanted more of the chemistry between Vikram and Gil, and I wanted more of the seedy Victorian underworld. I am looking forward to Charles’ next book, and I am going to have to content myself with catching up on the books I haven’t read yet while I wait.



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