Robby Riverton: Mail Order Bride is a historical m/m romance novel written by Eli Easton. This book was mentioned in one of my FB groups, and when I saw that it was available for Kindle Unlimited, I borrowed it.

Robby Riverton is an actor living in New York City when he witnesses a crime. He knows that the gangsters will be after him, so he leaves the big city and heads west. When Robby realizes that he’s being followed, he pulls a switcharoo and uses his theatrical training to go to the Wild West disguised as a mail order bride.

Sheriff Trace Crabtree sees through Robby’s disguise, but agrees to hide him until he can think of a plan. Meanwhile, Robby has to go to the Crabtree family ranch disguised as Rowena and think of excuses for not marrying Trace’s brother right away. And as if that were not complicated enough, Robby and Trace have to contend with a growing attraction that is getting harder and harder to ignore!

This was a cute book. I read a lot of historical romance, but most of it is set in England. I don’t read a lot of Westerns, but the premise of this book was too hard to ignore. Despite the imminent threat of discovery for Robby- both of his true identity and being tracked down by the gangsters- this is a light book with plenty of humor. The Crabtree family is rough around the edges, and Robby attempts to insert some civility into their daily routines, much to the skepticism of the men folk. The romance is sweet; Robby and Trace fall in love a little too quickly, but I suppose there must be some suspension of disbelief when dealing with Robby being able to play a woman convincingly for weeks.

I would recommend Robby Riverton: Mail Order Bride. This was a quick read that made me laugh. I’ve read Easton’s book Five Dares, and I didn’t make the connection right away, since the other book was a contemporary, but I liked it just as much. I will definitely seek out more of Easton’s books in the future!

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