The Luck of the Bride is the third book in Janna MacGregor’s The Cavensham Heiresses series of Regency-era historical romance novels. I was very excited about the opportunity to read this book because I’ve read the other two books in the series, and I was looking forward to finding out what happens next in the series.

I usually point out that entries in a historical romance series function well as standalones and readers don’t have to read the earlier books before the current book. That is certainly true with The Luck of the Bride– however, given that the hero and heroine both appear in earlier books, one gains a fuller appreciation for the pairing by reading the earlier books.

March Lawson has been taking care of her three siblings for almost a decade, with very little help from their guardians. March has taken upon herself to procure the money they need to buy food and maintain the estate by forging the signature of the Marquess of McCalpin. She knows that it’s wrong, but she is only taking money out of Lawson accounts. She can’t access the money herself because she is a woman, and her brother- Viscount Lawson- can’t access the money either because he’s a child.

When McCalpin learns about this, he is surprised- mostly because he didn’t realize that he was their guardian. McCalpin arrives at the Lawson estate convinced that there is some sort of treachery afoot, but he is horrified at the abject poverty that March and her siblings have been living in. He steps in right away to offer whatever assistance he needs. This gives him the opportunity to further his acquaintanceship with March, and they realize that there is a mutual attraction.

This was a charming and sweet book, with just the right amount of angst. March and McCalpin were perfect for each other. At the risk of giving too much away, I will hint that March excels and something that McCalpin struggles with, and I thought that this was an interesting dynamic, especially considering stereotypes surrounding this skill. After being introduced to March in the second book, and seeing McCalpin in both of the previous books, it’s nice to see them paired up!

I would absolutely recommend The Luck of the Bride. As I’ve mentioned, read the other books in the series first- they’re worth it! This book is a nice blend of sweet, with just the right amount of angst. The conflict develops late in the story, but it was quite a nail-biter! MacGregor truly excels with her characterization, and I enjoyed her secondary characters quite a bit. Bennett, the young viscount, was especially delightful! There are supposed to be two more books in The Cavensham Heiresses trilogy, and I can’t wait to read them!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book.





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