Big Nate: Silent but Deadly was written by Lincoln Peirce. I was very excited about the opportunity to read this book because my oldest daughter is a big fan of the Big Nate comic strip and I knew that she would be interested in reading it too.

Nate is an average American boy who goes to elementary school. He has somewhat of a contentious relationship with teachers and administrators, and he has friends and adversaries within the school community. He’s a bright boy, but he doesn’t like to do schoolwork, which is something most children can empathize with. He plays sports, and interacts with his family.

My daughter thinks that Big Nate is very funny, and this is one of her favorite comic strips. One thing that she pointed out to me was that one of the characters moved away in another book, but she has not moved away in this book. So, even though this book was published more recently, the range of strips appears to be earlier than some of the other books. This didn’t affect her enjoyment, but it’s something she noticed right away.

I would recommend Big Nate: Silent but Deadly to middle grade readers. Big Nate is a cute comic strip, and I think it’s one that elementary school students would enjoy. This is just a collection, so readers don’t have to read any of the other Big Nate books before this one. My daughter is already looking forward to more Big Nate collections, so she will be re-reading her other books while waiting for the next book.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book.

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