The Property of Lies is the second book in Marjorie Eccles’ series of mystery books featuring Detective Herbert Reardon. It takes place a couple of years after the first book, Heirs and Assigns, and this book has our intrepid detective investigating a murder at a girls’ boarding school.

Coincidentally, Reardon’s wife has just accepted a position at the school because the last French teacher disappeared. Not too much later, the missing teacher’s body in a dilapidated corner of the property.

The school is a relatively new one, and any hint of a scandal could be the ruination of the place. And unfortunately, that is not the only odd occurrence- what could possibly be happening and why at a school, of all places?

As was the case with the first book in the series, there are many long-buried secrets that come to light over the course of the narrative. It seems like everyone has something to hide.

I’ve read several other historical mysteries featuring girls’ boarding schools, and so I was looking forward to seeing the direction that this story was going to take. I must admit, I was surprised by “big reveal”, so to speak. The manner in which Eccles carefully weaves everything together was quite masterful.

I would recommend The Property of Lies to fans of historical mysteries. I’ll add that the pace is sometimes languid, but this helps to build suspense and a sense of appreciation as clues are connected together over the course of the investigation.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



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