The White Devil is a horror novel written by Justin Evans. I had this book on my Kindle, but never got around to reading it. I took the opportunity to add the Audible edition of this book at a reduced price; when things get busy, it is easier for me to listen to books than to read them.

Andrew Taylor is an American high school student. He has enrolled at Harrow as a desperate measure to improve his chances of getting into a good university after an incident at his last school. Harrow, the second most famous boys’ school in England, is steeped in centuries of tradition, is the perfect place for Andrew to improve his character.

However, trouble seems to follow Andrew. As soon as school begins, one of his new hallmates turns up dead. Andrew was the one who found the body, and more than that- Andrew saw a ghastly figure standing over the boy. But who would believe such a wild story?

Andrew tries to settle into the prescribed routines of his new school, and even takes the lead role in a school play about Byron. But trouble continues to pop up; all signs point to a malevolent force and a connection with Byron, a Harrow alumnus.

The White Devil is a creepy and moody atmospheric tale. Andrew’s sanity is often called into question, and why wouldn’t it be? The claims he makes defy logic, and his past also contributes to his unreliability. Of course, the reader is treated to Andrew’s perspective, and so it is easier for us to believe him.

I would absolutely recommend The White Devil. It is fascinating to watch Andrew’s development as a character. His pursues the truth without faltering, despite rumors of the victim’s death being attributed to drugs he received from Andrew. Evans combines history, literature, and horror to create this riveting book.

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