I received a copy of this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

My family enjoyed Marianne Dubuc’s wordless picture book Mr. Postmouse’s Rounds, so we were all very excited about the opportunity to read the sequel!

Mr. Postmouse Takes a Trip is similar to the first book, with one notable exception: instead of delivering mail, Mr. Postmouse takes his family on vacation. This trip takes the Postmouse family to many different climates, from the seaside to the desert to the mountains.

There are no words, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a story. Each illustration is filled with details. Walls have been removed, allowing the reader to see into houses. There is so much going in the illustrations that each read-through led to new discoveries and things that we had missed. The book also introduces the concept of animals and their habitat to younger readers. For the most part, animals reside in their expected habitat; camels are in the desert, tigers are in the jungle, and penguins live in the snow.

My three girls are in elementary school, but they still enjoy picture books. Mr. Postmouse Takes a Trip was a big hit with them. They chattered excitedly about everything they saw in the illustrations. My oldest daughter says that this book teaches kids to be observant because there’s a surprise in the pictures. My twins said they liked the cute pictures and the parts when we got to see the inside of the houses.

I would absolutely recommend Mr. Postmouse Takes a Trip. This book will appeal to children of all ages, and the best thing is that a non-reader can fully appreciate this book without needing someone to read the story to them. It isn’t always easy to find wordless picture books, but they are invaluable because they encourage creativity and help children with processing and inference. We are all hoping for more Mr. Postmouse books in the future!


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