I received a digital copy of this book from Netgalley/the publisher.

I Dared the Duke is a historical romance novel by Anna Bennett. It’s set during the Regency era, which is one of my favorite eras.

Beth Lacey is working as a companion to the Dowager Duchess of Blackshire. Her days are not terribly exciting, but that changes when the Duke of Blackshire decides to take up residence in his London home- the same home where the Dowager Duchess and Beth are currently living. The Dowager Duchess is thrilled to see her precious grandson, but Beth is wary of the grumpy duke with the fierce disposition.

This is definitely not a case of insta-love. In fact, Alex tries to fire Beth the first night, but she is too devoted to the Dowager Duchess and refuses to leave. Beth and Alex do not expect that they would have very much in common, but they discover that they both care very deeply for the Dowager Duchess. And then of course, as they spend time together, they realize that they have more in common than that. There’s just one problem- someone is trying to kill Alex, and he has no idea who or why. If he wants to stick around long enough to appreciate the study his grandmother is having decorated, then he needs to figure out who hates him enough to kill him!

I Dared the Duke is a charming book. Alex and Beth have great chemistry, and the mystery element had me intrigued. The unmasking of the villain was a surprise; I certainly wouldn’t have ever guessed! The resolution of mystery happened a little too quickly, but that’s forgivable since this is a romance and not a mystery.

I would recommend I Dared The Duke to fans of the genre. This is my first experience reading one of Anna Bennett’s books, and I’m pleased to have discovered a new author. I’m looking forward to reading more of her books, and I’m hoping that Alex’s friend Darby gets his own book in the future!

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