I have been a fan of Rhys Bowen’s book for a couple of years. I discovered her Royal Spyness series first, but I also enjoy her Molly Murphy mysteries. I have read all of the Royal Spyness books and most of the more recently published Molly Murphy mysteries, so now I am going back and reading more some of the earlier Molly Murphy books.

Oh Danny Boy picks up several weeks after the events of the previous book, In Like Flynn. Molly is trying to return to her normal life, but she has not had much success in finding cases for her fledgling detective business. She is also busy ignoring the letters from Captain Daniel Sullivan of the New York Police; he was a bit of a cad in the last book.

Molly learns that Daniel has been attempting to contact her because he has been arrested on charges of fraud and collaborating with a gang. Daniel insists that he is innocent, and that Molly is the only person that can help him because the force has turned against him. As Molly probes into the events that led up to the arrest, she begins to wonder if the perpetrator needed to silence Daniel. Could there be a connection between Daniel’s predicament and a killer who is targeting prostitutes.

This was quite the thrilling mystery. Molly has a tendency to find herself in peril when she gets close to solving a case, but this felt extra perilous. Molly’s friends Sid and Gus played a smaller role in this book than some of the previous entries, but I was amused by their attempts at amateur sleuthing. I also enjoyed seeing Molly team up with a partner, whose insight into criminology helps Molly be a more professional detective.

I would recommend Oh Danny Boy. Bowen includes enough background information at the beginning of each of the Molly Murphy books for them to function as standalones, but there is something satisfying about reading the series in order. I am looking forward to reading more of the Molly Murphy mysteries in the future, as well as anything else that Rhys Bowen can come up with!

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