81dkz-evqllI have been a fan of Julia Quinn’s historical romances for almost fifteen years. I missed a few of her books when my children were young, but I have been enjoying some of the books I missed in recent months as I eagerly waited for her latest release.

Julia Quinn is probably best known for her Bridgerton series, eight books devoted to one Regency-era family of siblings. Each book featured one of the siblings’ love story, and there was something infectiously delightful about the family. Maybe it was their brutal games of croquet- including the infamous Mallet of Death. Maybe it was their strong bond, or perhaps it was their sense of humor.

The Bridgerton series ended in 2006, and Quinn went on to publish a new book every year, and finally, after ten years, we are revisiting the Bridgerton family.   Because of Miss Bridgerton shifts from the Regency era to the Georgian, and explores the relationship between Miss Billie Bridgerton and her aristocratic neighbor George Rokesby, Lord Kennard.

Billie and George have known each other since childhood, but she was always closer to his younger brothers Edward and Andrew. When George rescues her from the roof of an abandoned barn, he begins to see her in a new light. Billie has always been decidedly unconventional, and is the opposite of everything George thought he wanted in a potential wife. But the connection is undeniable. Likewise, Billie never gave any thought to men- but that changes as well.

This is such an adorable book. There is a delightful house party, wherein Billie tries to destroy a conceited houseguest (who may or may not be obsessed with her sister’s fiancé) in a game of Pall Mall, several houses made of cards, and plenty of sniping between the hero and the heroine.

I would absolutely recommend Because of Miss Bridgerton to fans of the genre. This was a fast and fun read. Billie and George are adorable together, and I enjoyed the shift to the Georgian era. George does have three brothers, who will likely get their own books, and one can only hope that Quinn will also devote a book to Billie’s sister Georgiana.

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