51xhbbcg2bhlI always look forward to being able to chat with my friend when our oldest children have Girl Scouts. Her children are the same age as mine, and get along nicely. The last time we were there, her son asked if he could read Waddle Waddle to me. I was so honored that he asked; it was such a sweet gesture.

Waddle Waddle is a picture book written and illustrated by James Proimos. As the story begins, a penguin is looking for his new friend. He meets a penguin who sings, and a penguin who plays a horn… but where is his dancing friend? The penguin doesn’t have much time to think about this; a polar bear wants to turn him into a tasty meal. The penguin is in trouble, but who can help him?

The illustrations are bright and colorful. I love Proimos’ quirky style. The penguin is just adorable- he has big eyes, and he’s wearing a bow tie and hat. I loved the little details, like the singing penguin holding an old-timey atomizer to spray in his mouth.  The characters speak via voice bubbles, which reminded me of Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie book.

Waddle Waddle is a very funny story. I liked the repetition of “Waddle, waddle, belly slide” as the penguin searched for his friend. There are also some funny sound effects. I don’t want to give too much away, but I do want to mention that teamwork plays an important role in the resolution of this story.

I would absolutely recommend Waddle Waddle. This book will appeal to children ranging in age from preschoolers through the early years of elementary school. I am going to keep my eye out for this book; I’m sure my girls would love having their own copy!

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