My three girls fell in love with Cat over a year ago when we borrowed Here Comes the Easter Cat from the library. This book was followed by Here Comes Santa Cat around the holiday season. These delightful picture books were written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Claudia Rueda.

Here Comes the Tooth Fairy Cat is the third entry in the series. At the beginning of the book, Cat has just received a coin from the tooth fairy. Cat is disappointed that he didn’t get to meet her, so he hatches a scheme to trick the tooth fairy by giving her a tooth from a comb. Everyone knows you can’t trick the Tooth Fairy, and she sends Cat a note. If Cat can help her with some deliveries, he can meet her. Cat is joined by a mouse that also tried to trick the Tooth Fairy. Cat is usually thinking of ways to benefit himself- can he work together with Mouse to make those deliveries? And will Cat ever get to meet the Tooth Fairy?

Cat has a surly side, but he can be very considerate when he wants to be. This is especially evident when Cat is put in situation where he must work cooperatively with someone new. This is a good lesson for all of us, regardless of age.

The format of the Cat stories is rather unique. Cat doesn’t actually talk; he communicates by holding up signboards with pictures on them. The book consists of a narrator having a conversation with Cat and asking questions and watching Cat go about his business. This makes the illustrations a very integral part of the story, and Rueda does a wonderful job of bringing Cat to life. Much of the humor lies in what Cat holds up- my girls giggled and giggled at Cat’s antics. They especially enjoyed seeing Cat put on a Tooth Fairy costume for the delivery jobs.

I would absolutely recommend Here Comes the Tooth Fairy Cat. This is such a cute little story. I’d imagine that it was a little more difficult to write because there isn’t any standard Tooth Fairy source material like there is for Santa and the Easter Bunny. I applaud Underwood’s creativity in coming up with this story, and my girls and I are looking forward to finding out what Cat’s next adventure is going to be!

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