The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door is a young adult novel by Karen Finneyfrock. I found it at my town library displayed on the end of a shelf. The cover intrigued me, and the plot synopsis on the flap made me add the book to my checkout pile.

The novel begins as Celia is entering high school in Hershey, PA. She has turned “dark” over the summer. She explains rather early in the novel what turning dark entails, but she doesn’t go into the reasons behind her decision until the novel is almost over. To Celia, being dark mean no longer caring about what people think of her, and no longer trying to fit in. Celia is also determined to exact revenge on a Queen Bee type girl named Sandy, who did something terrible last year during eighth grade.

Celia’s plan does not account for Drake, a handsome new boy, showing interest in being her friend. He accepts her for who she is, and genuinely values her. Drake does not plan to stay in Hershey for a long time. He is on the waitlist at several art schools back in New York City, and is confident that a spot will open up. Drake also shares something with Celia that he has not shared with anyone else.

Celia finds herself growing closer to Drake, and Celia finds herself with a friend. She has not had good luck with friends, as she explains in the narrative, and her new friendship has a profound impact on her plot for revenge.

I liked The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door quite a bit. High school is a tumultuous time, and Celia’s experience is bittersweet. She has some issues with her home life; her parents are on a trial separation, and reconciliation is not looking very likely. It is easy to like Celia, even though she tries to be surly and unlikeable. It is easy to identify with her plight, and to support her revenge against the Queen Bee type Sandy. Sandy is truly awful, and preys upon insecurities.

I would recommend The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door. This book was not really on my radar, and I happened upon it by chance. This is why I love just browsing around the library and picking up books that catch my eye. I have found many lovely books this way, and I am happy to pass along my recommendation to others. If you would like some more information, you can find it here:

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