I will admit that I had trouble getting into Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children when I first checked it out from the library a couple of years ago. It just didn’t hold my interest, and then it had to go back. Too many books, not enough time. A couple of months ago, we found the graphic novel version of Miss Peregrine’s Home, and that was a much better experience. When I saw the audiobook version of the sequel- Hollow City– at the library, I picked it up. Please note: if you have not yet read Miss Peregrine’s Home, this review contains information that might be considered spoilers for that book. There are no spoilers for Hollow City. You really need to read Miss Peregrine’s Home before reading Hollow City. The Kindle version is currently on sale for $5.28, and is really worth picking up.

Hollow City begins immediately after the events of Miss Peregrine’s Home. Jacob and his peculiar friends find themselves in a terrible position. They are stuck in 1940, and they are being pursued by wights, who are determined to destroy them. Even worse, their beloved mentor and protector, Miss Peregrine, is stuck in bird form. The children must use their wits are their minimal resources to travel to London in search of help for Miss Peregrine. Using the time loops, they meet a variety of peculiar people- and one talking dog. The story ends on one heck of a cliffhanger, ensuring that there will be at least one more book in this series.

I enjoyed Hollow City thoroughly. The story was very fast paced, and there were several surprises and revelations. Jacob develops a camaraderie with his new friends; he is unsure if he will ever be able to return to the present, and he wants to do everything that he can to help them because he feels responsible for their predicament. Jacob’s own peculiar ability of being able to see hollows might not be as noticeable as super strength or fire throwing, but Jacob is able to save his friends from dangerous situations several times.

I would absolutely recommend Hollow City. The book has a nice blend of action and suspense. Hollow City builds upon its predecessor, and does a wonderful job of setting up the premise for the next book. If you would like some more information, you can find it here: Hollow City (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children)

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