I found Keeping the Castle at the library.  This Patrice Kindl novel was the featured YA book group pick of the month, and it looked interesting, so I grabbed a copy.  I have a fondness for the Regency period: from Jane Austen to Julia Quinn, there’s just something enchanting about early 19th century England.

Althea is seventeen years old, and has a heavy load to bear.  Her great grandfather spent the family fortune building a precarious castle on a cliff, and the family has been scraping by ever since.  The house has fallen into disrepair over the years, and if Althea does not marry well, there is no telling what will happen. 

So when the young and dashing Lord Boring moves into the vicinity, Althea is determined to win his heart.  Althea enjoys spending time with Lord Boring- if only his annoying friend Mr. Fredericks did not insist on offering his opinion.

This book was one part Pride and Prejudice and one part Cinderella.  Althea has two stepsisters who are also vying for Lord Boring’s affection.  There is quite a rivalry there; Althea needs to make a good match, and her sisters no longer wish to be dependent upon their stepmother.

Kindl has a light and funny style of writing.  Yes, the characters’ behavior might appear shocking and even a little mercenary.  This novel is definitely meant to be satirical, and I didn’t take Althea’s scheming ways too seriously.

I am no longer a young adult, but I absolutely enjoyed Keeping the Castle.  If you’re interested in finding out more about this book, you can check it out here.

Keeping The Castle

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