Tell Me a Mitzi is a picture book written by Lore Segal and illustrated by Harriet Pincus. I was very excited about the opportunity to share this book with my girls because this was a book I remembered from my own childhood. We loved this book so much that we even named one of our cats Mitzi, and she was my mother’s favorite cat of all time. I still have my copy of this book on cassette, probably a relic from a Scholastic book flier.

Mitzi is a young girl living in New York City, and this book is made up of three short stories about the titular girl and her family. They are fairly short stories that start out like everyday occurrences, but there is a little twist at the end of each story.

The illustrations are absolutely iconic. There is no mistaking that they are from the 1970s, from the color palette to the very stylized look of the characters. The stories are very wry (in a sweet way) but it is only when they are paired with the illustrations that this book is truly memorable.

My girls liked this book and thought it was very funny that this was a book I had read as a child. They tend to think that I grew up in a cave because there was no internet, so I knew they would be amused by this book. They especially enjoyed the first story in which Mitzi and her brother want to visit their grandparents.

I would recommend Tell Me A Mitzi. Children’s literature has undergone a renaissance since my own childhood, so I’m not sure how this book compares to modern picture books. But for the nostalgia factor alone, this book is worth tracking down. I had a lovely time sharing this book with my girls, and I’m looking forward to reading more picture books from my childhood with them.


I received a digital copy of this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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