I am a big fan of Young Adult fiction. I’m definitely in denial about the fact that I am no longer a Young Adult. I’m not going to be maudlin and declare myself old, but I graduated from high school before the turn of the century. Calling it the turn of the century might actually be a legitimate thing now, given that it was fourteen years ago. Kids definitely have more technology now that what was available when I was a kid, but there are some high school experiences that are universal.

The Promise of Amazing was written by first-time novelist Robin Constantine. It is the story about a girl named Wren, and a boy named Grayson. Wren has thrived in anonymity. She is the quiet girl in class at Sacred Heart, and she spends her weekends working at her parents’ catering hall. Grayson used to be a superstar student athlete at St. Gabe’s, but then he was expelled for being- as he calls it, a term paper pimp. He is now miserable at the public school, and unsure of his future.

Wren and Grayson meet when she saves his life after he finds himself choking on one of those cocktail franks wrapped in puff pastry. As a complete aside, those things are completely amazing. It was at the top of our list for hot apps when we planned out own wedding, and they sell them by the box at the warehouse club. I have mad love for those little things.

But, I digress. Grayson finds himself intrigued by Wren, and she is equally intrigued by him. They begin an odd sort of friendship, which of course, blooms into something else. Grayson has some secrets- he has behaved badly in the past, and he sees Wren as an opportunity for a fresh start.

I loved this book, but the story definitely loses momentum in the last third of the book, and the ending was a little too convenient. Characters seemed to alter their motivation on a whim, and there wasn’t really a reason for the change.

The story is told in alternating viewpoints, providing the reader with insight into both Wren and Grayson’s lives. There were subplots with family drama for each of them, but these were not fully fleshed out because of the need to further the Teen Romance subplot. This is forgivable: if characters do not have enough substance, then they are wooden, but providing them with a deep backstory means that subplots have to be resolved. It’s certainly not easy to find a nice balance.

I did enjoy reading The Promise of Amazing, and I am looking forward to reading more from Robin Constantine!

You can find out more about the book here: The Promise of Amazing

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